Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Technical Difficulties, Sprained Foot, and Stolen Car

Sorry about the lack of posts lately.  I am using a different laptop and having some difficulties in getting certain functions to work.  There are few things more frustrating for a blogger than to work for a long time on a post, only to have it disappear except for the last three lines!  So now I am writing my posts on Open Office and then copying them here.  So far, though, the posts are not cooperating.  I wrote this post directly on blogger, but only because it will be short.  I'm not losing a whole post again.

Also, I sprained my foot and am hobbling around.

Then our car got stolen.

On a happier note, the car was recovered a day later.  (Kudos to the Newark Police Department, who were not only very professional, but also very helpful on the day I limped in to there to obtain a release paper to get my car back.)  Then it was off to the towing service and about $250 dollars later, I was driving back home, using a screwdriver as a key.  The thieves broke the ignition, took the radio, speakers, and some other valuables, but most of the car is intact and, after my husband did some work on the ignition, is back on the road again.

Yes, I do think it is ironic that this all happened right after posting about that article which I had found by Rev Goettsche, about trusting the Lord to be working in the midst of unfair or frustrating circumstances.  Nobody ever said God didn't have a sense of humor.

On another humorous note, the thieves also took three bags of clothes which I was getting ready to donate to whoever needed them.  Thanks for saving me a trip.  I hope you needed the clothes.

I also hope that you come to know God someday.  No matter what happens, I will be all right because He is watching over me and working out everything for His own purposes.  Right now, you don't seem to have that treasure.  I hope you find Him...or, rather, that He finds you.

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