Monday, January 3, 2011

Max's 25 Words of Wisdom for 2011

Max's 25 Words of Wisdom for 2011

  1. Snacks make everyone's day brighter. (Hint. Hint.)
  2. Naps are one of God's best inventions.  Use them wisely.
  3. A half-hour walk a day keeps people and animals healthy and happy.
  4. Don't just chase your tail.  You will get dizzy and bang your head on the wall.  Have a plan.
  5. Stay away from skunks.  Skunks can make everything stink.  Skunks come in many forms.  Some are humans.
  6. Don't eat things if you are not sure what they contain.  You will throw up.
  7. It is ok to relax in the sun once in a while.
  8. Don't leave your mess for others to clean up.
  9. Greet family members enthusiastically when they return.  Everyone likes to be appreciated.
  10. Take some risks.  Chase a cat.  Or a woodchuck.  Don't chase things which can eat you.
  11. Eat a snowball.  Not a yellow one, though.  Know the difference.
  12. If it smells bad, leave it alone.
  13. Look out the window often.  Opportunities walk by every day.
  14. Know who lives on your block.
  15. Keep an eye on visitors until you are sure that they are friends.
  16. Don't let anyone mess with your people.
  17. Be tolerant of little people.  Sometimes they just don't know any better yet and may pull your tail or rub you the wrong way or even poke you in the eye a little bit.  Little people are not necessarily toddlers.
  18. Investigate strange noises.
  19. Bark at intruders.
  20. Baths are necessary.  Take one at least several times a year.
  21. Eating Christmas trees gives you evergreen breath.  And makes you throw up.
  22. Don't eat peoples' socks.  Neither of you will be happy in the end.
  23. Couches are perfect napping places.
  24. It is ok to run to your people if it is thundering outside.  Everyone is afraid of something.
  25. Remember your Creator.
Have a happy 2011!


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