Monday, November 8, 2010

Max's Thoughts About Cars and Sharing Snacks

I got up early today so that I could do some posting on this blog.  I apologize that I have not posted each Monday (Max on Monday) as I had planned.  I have been busy sleeping and begging for food and, whenever I can, I enjoy riding around in cars.  I do not choose to drive myself, so I have to wait for the opportunity to ride along with others.  I usually go along if the older skin siblings (human kids) need a ride to class, or if Dad goes for a short trip to the store, or if the younger skin brother is late for class (although that is rare because he usually wakes up in enough time to walk with his friends).  I enjoy looking out the car window and I love it when I see another fur brother  walking his human.  

The length of a car trip is quite important to me.  I prefer shorter trips, because the longer the trip, the more restless I get and I start wandering all over the seats.  This is especially true if we get stuck in traffic and I am surrounded by large trucks.  My mom has already informed you about how I react to loud noises or back-firing from trucks, so to be surrounded by such potential dangers is a bit unsettling.  I deal with it, though -- I am the Labrapithound, after all.

Sometimes I deal with it by climbing into the driver's seat onto Mom's lap and offering to drive us out of the situation.  This is generally not appreciated and I usually end up navigating from the passenger seat or going into the back seat to sulk for a few seconds before trying some other tactic.  If all else fails, I look for food.

While cars can be frightening sometimes, they are often a great source for snacks.  When the girl goes to college, she sometimes brings along a breakfast sandwich.  She doesn't share, though. :(   I wish these people would be less concerned about my health and more concerned about how it is torturous for me to be able to smell that delicious thing without getting even a bite.  Dog fact:  We dogs can smell  much (about 800 times) better than you humans.  Think about it.

Anyway, when I realize that I am not going to get any snacks that way, I begin to look around for some treats on my own.  Backseats are a great source for little crumbs of goodies that get dropped.  Under the seat is another interesting place to investigate.  I am not too picky.  I am even willing to eat paper if it smells good.  I love the expression on my Mom's face when she sees that I have a scrap or two, yet she can't reach me because she is driving.  It is something like the expression she gets when I borrow a sock from the hamper or the floor and run around the house happily waving it.  Since she chases me, I assume that she likes this game, too.   Her loud noises and waving arms tell me that this is fun for both of us.

Well, that is all for now.  I hear my humans coming.  I will try to write more regularly.  Hope you will continue to visit me.  Bring snacks.   

                                                                      xxx  Max 

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