Friday, January 15, 2010

The Labrapithound

Meet Max, our fur buddy, who is part Labrador Retriever, Pit Bull, and Bloodhound.

Favorite things: rawhide chews, chasing balls (no kidding -- I am a Retriever, you know!), sleeping in the sun (who doesn't like that?!), stealing socks and other unmentionables (borrowing, borrowing), flying through the air like a superhero (more on this later), and, of course, eating whatever he can beg, steal or ah, borrow.

Favorite toys: So far he destroys anything except his very thick bone (and I'm working on that) and an old deflated basketball, which he carries proudly about as he does his yard patrols.

Pet peeves: sudden noises, the postman, the UPS guy, backyard dive-bomber birds, and not being invited to sit at the dinner table. Max will undoubtedly have his own opinions and comments to add to these blog discussions. My stuff is in bold. Pushy? Definitely. In his defense, no one is a better guard dog, and on a cold winter night, he does make quite a warm blanket -- although, sometimes when my husband and I are sleeping, I awake to find myself hanging out over the edge of the bed, while a mysterious black lump sleeps contentedly curled up in the middle of the bed like he owns the place.

So, citizens, if you happen to see a sleek black form flashing by, and look down to discover that the food which you were eating a second ago is no longer in your hand, (hey!) don't be alarmed, it is only the Labrapithound. I resent that characterization, although I do kinda like the superhero reference. xxx Max

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  1. aww Max is famous!!

    For some reason my 1st comment came thru as being from Ange (!!! somehow my google name switched to Angela Russo somehow!! )Hopefully it is all fixed!!