Monday, January 18, 2010

Haiti: The Underside of the Embroidery

All of the world has been transfixed by the severity and human tragedy of the earthquake in Haiti. Today in church, we learned that our congregation has at least six families who are still waiting to hear about the fate of loved ones in that nation. One deacon, although having just heard about the death of one relative and the news that another has almost certainly been trapped in a collapsed building and is likely dead, retained his trustful attitude of waiting to see what God would ordain and accomplish in this situation. Other news from a missionary couple our church supports was horrendous: they themselves lost 53 family members. I can't even conceive of that. The largest Baptist church in Haiti lost around 400 people and around 70 Baptist pastors died when their buildings collapsed. What can you say to those experiencing such tragedy? Any words of comfort seem too trite. Yet as Christians, we believe both in God's control over the situation and in His goodness. Why would He allow this? We see only the underside of the embroidery, the tangled and broken threads. Some day, whether in the near future or when we see Him, all of our questions will be answered. His character does not change. We count on that and wait to see the top side of the picture, the beautiful part where the picture He is creating comes into view. Meanwhile we pray, we give and we wait.

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