Friday, February 8, 2013

Back to Genesis 1-3

As promised, we are returning to the first three chapters of Genesis to understand the context of the passages in Exodus which we were studying, and, indeed, of the entire Bible.

I had started this blog with the intent to trace the genealogies revealed in the Bible, particularly regarding the line of Abraham.  Actually, at first I had no real direction, other than being interested in those matters, and in learning more about the Bible and sharing the things which I had learned over the years with others.

Therefore, I had temporarily skipped these first three chapters of Genesis because I didn't want to get bogged down in creation vs. evolution controversies.  Not that these aren't important -- it was just that I myself was not fully prepared to discuss these matters and I had other aims at the time.  I figured that I would return to these matters later, hopefully when I knew more about them.

Well, now is later, although I have not studied creationism to the extent that I need to do.  However, I have studied the book of Genesis and it is one of my favorite books of the Bible, so I will begin by taking a look at the book as a whole and then proceed through the first three chapters.  After that, my previous posts have covered, at least in some form, the rest of the book of Genesis and up to chapter 26 of the book of Exodus.  Of course, the Bible is an inexhaustible book and I continue to learn more every day about passages which I have studied for years, so please understand that I do not pretend to know it all.  Also, please share your own insights in the comments section which follows each post.

First, a bit about Genesis.  However, I don't want it to be a lecture.  Genesis is such a wonderful book.  A truly awesome book, in a day when that word 'awesome' is greatly overused.  There are a lot of interesting things which I can write about it, but as I said above, I don't want it to be a lecture and I continue to learn more about it all of the time, so I need something which I can add to as time goes on.  How about a list?  Lists are kind of fun and easily digestible.  How about  100 Things About Genesis ?  Nope  -- too long.  OK, 50 Things About Genesis .  That is long enough to be a challenge and short enough to finish in one post.  I may get it done today or sometime over the weekend, depending upon whether this snowstorm we are experiencing in the Northeastern U.S. requires me to be busy with other matters.

Max, our dog, has plans of his own.  However, I believe they mostly have to do with napping:

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