Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

We have had some wild times in the NY/Metropolitan area of the East Coast of the United States.  My mom had some surgery scheduled for Monday, the day of the storm, but it went well and we were able to get her back home hours before there was any trouble.  Thankfully, our family was spared a great deal of the devastation.  Our power remained on the whole time, and we did not get the rain we had been expecting, so there was no water damage.

We had several large tree limbs fall onto our property, but they fell in such a way that the worst damage was to our fence, and even that was nothing to speak of when we see on TV the way the storm hit the nearby New York City area.  That wind was the strongest which I have personally seen.  I watched tree trunks that I can't even reach around dancing in the wind like someone doing the twist.  Last night when the storm was over, I ventured out to get some more supplies from the supermarket.  The metal structure where they park the carts had been lifted by the winds and deposited in a heap about 30 feet away.  Ironically, another similar cart shelter stood ten feet away, untouched.  I also had to detour around a huge tree which had fallen across a road.  Near our home another large tree had been uprooted and lay against a factory wall, its roots and the surrounding earth still attached.  Needless to say, I didn't stay out too long.

The supermarket was pretty empty.  My daughter works in another supermarket, and we had been snickering earlier about how every white bread product had been cleared out, but that the more nutritious, wheat-type bread was still there.  Well, at this store, all the bread -- white, wheat, bagels, rolls -- was gone.  Most of the other shelves were empty except for a few scattered products, and it gave everything an eerie disaster-movie type of atmosphere.  Fortunately we had stocked up beforehand -- I mostly needed phone cards for our phones and some other things -- but it did make me wonder if most people even knew how to make their own bread anymore, because the flour/baking supplies aisle was still fairly full.

 Speaking of bread, I have to go make some so that it can be ready for my husband when he gets home.

Please continue to pray for those who have suffered the loss of relatives and friends, businesses and property during this storm.

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