Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Exodus Introduction

We are about to begin a study of the book of Exodus.  Previously we took a tour through Genesis, and part of me wants to remain there and continue to explore some of the things which we did not get to cover.  We did hit most of the main points, I believe, but there are plenty of areas which I would have loved to go into greater detail and study.

Part of the difficulty comes from the fact that the Scriptures are so marvelous, that one could never get to a point where you could say, 'There...I've uncovered all that there is to this portion of Scripture.'  Since we could never be 'finished' with Genesis, I've chosen to continue on in our story about the lives of the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  One of the purposes of this blog is to sharpen my readers' desire to look more deeply into the Scriptures for themselves, so I hope you will continue to study the book of Genesis.  I also plan to publish further posts on Genesis as the need arises, or other interesting information comes to my attention.

OK, now on to Exodus.  I'm pretty excited to begin this book of the Bible/Torah.  I tried to think of some of the things which I hope to cover, as well as follow the narrative as it continues.  Here are some of the things which I plan to examine:

  • Who was the Pharaoh during the time when Moses led the nation of Israel out of Egypt? (the date of Exodus)
  • Who wrote the book of Exodus?  (the author of  Exodus)
  • What route did the Israelites take when they traveled out of Egypt?
  • The significance of the ten plagues upon Egypt, and the 'gods' which each plague discredited.
  • Evidence from science/archaeology concerning the Israelites' stay in Egypt and their travels out of Egypt.
  • Why is such detail given about the tabernacle and its furnishings?
  • What do we learn about the character of God from the book of Exodus? 
I do hope you will come with us on this journey.  As always, comments and questions are most welcome.  Feel free to let me know about other resources which you have found regarding this material, or other items (articles, pictures, models, maps, etc.) which you found interesting and which may help us in our study.

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