Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Who is Amraphel? and Kedorlaomer?!

Just a quick note on several of the kings listed in the battle of Genesis 14. Scholars used to believe that Amraphel was Hammarabi, although there does not seem to be the same support for this view at this time. Others believe Amraphel was another name for Nimrod. There is an interesting article in the Jewish Encyclopedia ("Amraphel") regarding the various theories. I don't know enough about the subject to have an opinion yet, but the article is good for thought.

As for Kedorlaomer, Wikipedia has an article on "Battle of the Vale of Siddim" which is more interesting food for thought, especially when they try to pinpoint which king from history is the one referred to as Kedorlaomer in the Biblical account. Both linguistic and historical aspects are involved, as there is a limited time frame which can accommodate certain features of this account. As usual, some proposals are considered which raise doubts regarding the biblical account, while other scholars continue to consider solutions which are in line with the Genesis 14 account. Again, I am not prepared to offer an opinion of the identities of these kings at this time, although I will always side with the biblical account. This may seem to present a lack of scholarship, or unwillingness to consider opposing viewpoints, but that is not my intent, or for that matter, method of operation. I am willing to read about all the opposing viewpoints. If you consider the Bible's track record (i.e., always being right, even if it takes years to find the evidence to prove it) you will realize that I am merely 'betting' on the most likely winner. Countless times the Biblical accounts have been called into question on various points, only to be vindicated (sometimes many years later) by further archaeological discoveries or further research. As far as I know, there has never been conclusive proof which shows a Biblical account to be incorrect. Ever. This is why I will side with the biblical account every time.

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