Monday, July 26, 2010

Genesis 12:2 You will be a blessing

Despite a lot of bad press to the contrary, the world has benefited in the extreme from the presence of the descendants of Abram (Abraham). Even a quick glance over the history and accomplishments of this nation will reveal the blessings which have resulted from the grace of God which is often poured out through the Jewish people. The number of Jewish Nobel Prize winners is unusually high. In searching for some information on this matter, I came across a very interesting website: (Someday soon I will learn how to link to sites! Until then, you will have to type them in yourselves.) I have not read through the whole site, so I do not know if everything there is, um, 'kosher'...but it certainly has some interesting material about the impact of the Jewish nation upon various disciplines of the world. Take a moment to take a look and judge for yourself.

Needless to say, the greatest blessing which has come through the Jewish people (although this is, actually and ultimately, through the grace of God) is the knowledge of the true God. Plenty more on this as we go along, especially as we get to discussions of the Messiah. I believe He is the ultimate blessing to arrive via the Jewish nation.

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